Monday, June 24, 2013

Anthropolgie Wedding Dress Minus the BHLDN Pricetag

Saw this beautiful dress on sale at today and had to share.  Only $119.95.  That's cheaper than this stupid pillow.  Get it before it's gone, gown-hungy gals.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Updated Vendor Links For New Readers!

Hey Party People!

If you're new to this blog, WELCOME!  I don't update it often because, well, I'm already married, BUT my google pageview stats tell me I still have readers. (Yay!) So I thought I'd share the links to the vendors we used just in case you guys need any recommendations. Happy planning!

Photography by Nicole Polk Photography

Wedding Planning by Just Wenderful

Make-up & Hair by Julia Papworth

Wedding Invtations by Bon Moment

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Bachelor, Episode 1

I wasn't going to watch this season, partly because it's a giant time waster, but mostly because I find a stale Pop-Tart more interesting than this year's bachelor Sean Lowe. He's terrible. Like sex after you've already masturbated. Sure, he's got a great body and a nice smile, but add those two things to the rest of him and he looks like a bleached out Andre The Giant.

But alas, wine and Monday night boredom got the better of me, and there I was, cozied up on the couch at 8PM sharp awaiting that glistening robot Chris Harrison to welcome me to the new season.

Initial reactions:
  • "This cycle is going to be the worst yet. What am I doing?"
  • "What?! Sean got THIRD PLACE on The Bachelorette?? I forgot! HAHAHAA! What a loser!" 
  • "Yep. He's still super boring. Even with editing. Unbelievable." 
  • "No way. How is Arie making Sean look more interesting? How is this possible?? Wait. This interaction they're having is kind of cute. Like relationship cute. Oh my god, Sean and Arie should get married! Yeah. I'm really liking this idea."
And then the hounds were unleashed.

 First impressions of the 25:

  • Tierra is a scary ho. And she's loud. And oh my god her armpits are like ten shades lighter than the rest of her body. GROSS. I'm definitely not going to like her.  
  • There's a black woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome. But unfortunately she won't last. There's a one-armed woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome. But unfortunately she won't last.
  • There's a woman over 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome. But unfortunately she won't last.  
  • Hey, Diana, you're a single mother of two, go home and feed your kids, you stupid bitch.
  • Fifty Shades girl needs to go now.
  • Sean needs to blow this whole thing off and fuck Selma's brains out immediately. 
  • There's another black woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, Sean looked really uncomfortable trying to cover up how uncomfortable he looked meeting her. 
  • Two more blonde women step out of the limo. Sean is back to being Sean again. 
  • Lacey--excuse me--LACE is on something. She's not there. Vapid. Blank. Unaffected. And Sean looks really into her. Makes sense.
  • Wait, he's giving the first impression rose to Armpits Tierra?!?!?! What, did she just give him the biggest boner? Is that how he's judging these women?! Makes sense. 
  • Awkward pause girl is cute. But unfortunately she won't last. The color of her armpits matches her skin tone too closely.
  • Whoa, four black women this season! Way to appear diverse, ABC!
  • Wedding gown chick, you are bat shit crazy. Please tell me the producers paid you to do this.
  • And the mystery girl is... cut to commercial! 
  • And the mystery girl is... Kacie B.! Whoa. I'm actually surprised. No, wait I'm not. I remember her being weird and clingy. Sorry, Sean. 
  • Wait, Kacie B. basically just admitted that she was on the Bachelor the first time "for the experience"?!?! Good work, girl. Ben is a fucking douchebag. 
  • Not sure how I feel about Des. Is she interesting or just quietly desperate?
Aaaaaand we made it to the cocktail party.

  • Drunk chick in wedding gown gets denied first dance, first kiss, and first impression rose.
  • Fifty Shades chick gets wasted and word vomits all over Sean.
  • Best line of the show: "They feel like.. it's easier just to date a girl... with two arms."
And now we're at the rose ceremony, but Sean's already given out most of the roses during the cocktail party. (What the fuck is up with that, btw?)


I took that reaction as my cue to go to sleep. But I'll be back next week to discuss Episode 2. If I have the strength.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Fuck Yeah Married People

"Fuck Yeah Married People" is a Tumblog I created and curate when I feel like it.

It's a humor blog mostly filled with pictures of married people being awesome. I consider it my reminder to the world (and to myself) that marriage doesn't mean you have to slow down or settle. Marriage is fucking amazing, and this is my (humorous but sincere) ode to it.

Here's an example of the kind of shit I post:

Thanks for checking it out, my fellow marrieds!

Straight Jacket Bride...

...ripe with symbolism.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Emmys Look

My Emmys Look

Hey there, people who are still reading this blog! I was nominated for a Creative Arts Emmy for the work I did on The Hashtag Killer for "Psych". This is the ensemble I wore. I wanted to post it here as inspo for a bride or bridesmaid look.

I ended up renting the accessories from Rent The Runway. I was nervous at first... What if I didn't like the stuff, what if it was damaged, what if it didn't get here in time??? But none of that happened. It went very smoothly. I highly recommend checking them out if you want some designer pieces for your wedding.

As for my dress: I first saw it on some crazy expensive designer site like Net-A-Porter and I believe it was priced at around $550. I didn't want to spend that much (my wedding dress was less than that!) so I scoured the Internet and found a "can't believe my eyes" deal at The dress was on sale for only $191! But they only had it in a size larger than my usual. But I said fuck it, I'd probably have to tailor that thing anyway (online shopping, hello!) so I bought it. I spent 30 bucks on tailoring and it fit me like a glove.

Here's the entire look put together:

Me & Co-writer Dan Carter

After, I changed into some blue suede flats and went out drinking. Because when you pay to look that hot for a day and the night is far from over, you go out and strut your shit til last call. No exceptions. And then when you get home, be a weirdo like me and have a dance party photo shoot. 

We didn't end up winning, but who gives a shit?! I was nominated for an Emmy!