Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Bowie Bride Blog Manifesto. (Please Read! Real Solid Gold Shiz Inside!!)

The Bowie Bride Blog Manifesto
Britt Hilgers

I've been doing some reflecting as of late. About a lot of things. Particularly what writing this blog means to me. Because it's not just something that I do out of boredom or just for attention or what-have-you. Writing this blog has helped me to really put myself out there and truly examine what 'getting married' means to me and how it corresponds to my worldview. Weddings are huge expressions of who you are as individuals and as a couple. I'll be damned if I'm going to blindly follow outdated traditions without even examining why they exist in the first place. For me, weddings are about love, commitment, and celebration, and way less-so about flower arrangements and stressing over seating charts. Trying to blindly follow every single wedding tradition made me HATE weddings. I didn't even want to plan one. Until...

...I stumbled upon think-outside-the-box brides like The Broke-Ass-Bride and Rock 'n Roll Bride. These blogs, along with a slew of other fabulous wedding blogs, totally changed my attitude towards weddings. They taught me that DAMMIT, "it's our wedding, it's OUR commitment that's being made - not anyone else's - so why not be OURSELVES?" And let's face it. I'm not a follow-the-rules kinda person, so why would I be a follow-the-rules kinda bride? I guess I was just fearful. I was that little birdie who was too much of a pansy ass to spread her wings and fly. Ok. I know. Sorry for the lame metaphor. I agree with Jack Nicholson that, "Anyone who speaks in metaphor can shampoo my crotch." Which, as a side note, is among the greatest quotes in cinematic history. So as payment for speaking in said metaphor, please excuse me for a moment while I go shampoo Jack's junk.

*Turns on "The Glory of Love" from the Karate Kid, Part II*
*Proceeds to shampoo*
*Finishes with light rinse*

Ok. All clean!

ANYWAY. I want to continue writing this blog after the wedding, so I've been trying to hone in what this blog is about at the core, and why I think it's worth a read - for now AND for after we're married. This is what I have boiled my approach to weddings down to:
  1. Humor. I try to have a humorous approach to writing. No? You don't think so? I just shampooed the Joker's Johnson! On a wedding blog! With No Apologies! If you don't think that's hardcore awesome, you have no business reading this here shiz. ...Ok. I'm kidding. You don't have to think I'm funny. I wouldn't laugh at me either. I don't take weddings (or life in general) too seriously. If I did I would hate planning these nupts. So every once in a while, all us brides need a chuckle. And sh-t, maybe that little chuckle can inspire an idea or give you a release from a stressful planning moment. See: Hipster Bride Style Guide, After the Party Comes the Hotel Lobby, and Ass Facial Honeymoon to see what I mean.
  2. Courage. I want to be myself, even if 'myself' can sound harsh at times. See, the post Where I Stand to get an idea. My marriage to Mike is everything. It is the single most important commitment I will make in my life. And quite frankly, I don't want to eff with that. We want to be ourselves through and through on our wedding day with no regrets and most importantly, no fear. If we want to include a statement on marriage equality during the ceremony, we're not going to back down because we think 'some people won't appreciate it.' If they don't, they should wake the eff up. It's 2009. ...See? So harsh that Bowie Bride, she is. ;)
  3. Practicality. With the humor and the honesty in my writing comes a defined sense of practicality. I can't justify wasteful wedding behavior like buying expensive china sets I'll never use or demanding our ceremony showcase an assload of out of season flowers from New Freaking Zealand - or even using real flowers at all at this point. I'd like to take a cue from fellow green brides and try to be as environmentally conscious as possible. I have a lot to learn. But hopefully this blog can be an open discussion and a decent start to adapting a greener perspective on weddings and everyday life for all involved. Check out part 1 and part 2 of my Post-modern Bride Guide to see what I mean.
  4. A Little Bit of Crazy. My homegirl from A Cupcake Wedding described my blog as, "like spending time with your craziest, coolest friend." Which is an AMAZING compliment, btw (Thank you, Lady C!). Whenever I describe my wedding ideas to my more traditional friends, I always preface it with, "Okay, you're gonna think I'm nuts, but I have this rad idea..." But at the heart of all my crazy ideas, there's a genuine concept - sometimes it just takes a little creativity to find it. Check out these posts to see what I mean: All the Single Ladies...AND Single Lads, The Bride Took The Bus, and Inspiration from the Dogg Pound (of the Snoop Variety).
So that's it. Humor, Courage, Practicality. and a Little Bit-a-Crazy. I'm currently calling it "FAR OUT INSPIRATION FOR DOWN-TO-EARTH BRIDES." It's the start to a happy marriage, Bowie Bride stylee.

I hope you all have loved reading as much as I have enjoyed sharing. I can't plan this wedding without you guys. I mean that, yo. So let's keep the bride support alive!

Much Love--


P.S. The lovely lady in the corner is a picture of one of my heroes, Dorothy Thompson. I thought I'd share a very fitting quote of hers, one that keeps lil ol' me going day to day.

"Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live."
- Dorothy Thompson


  1. HELL YES BRITT! Eff yeah. I loves ya, girl. Go on with your bad self.

  2. Awesome! I'm glad I found your blog. Planning a wedding, too.

  3. Thanks for articulating your vision for this blog and what it means in the process of wedding planning and in life planning. There are a lot of blogs that flounder without a real purpose or distinct point of view. You have a distinct point of view, in spades, which is what I love about reading your posts. And yeah, it doesn't hurt that you mix levity and thoughtfulness either and accomplish that humor, practicality, courage and crazy that you outlined above.

    And selfishly, I'm thrilled you plan to stick around after your wedding next Summer, because I'm still going to need blogging friends here as I count down the months to April 2011 (and afterwards, because I like this blogging thing too.)

  4. I'm glad you recognize crazy is a compliment. Can't wait to read what else you write.

  5. wo. "I'll be damned if I'm going to blindly follow outdated traditions without even examining why they exist in the first place." i just basically wrote this yesterday! :) http://veilsandvows.blogspot.com/2009/10/making-cut.html

  6. Bowe Bride. You are totally KICK ASS! I love your attitude. I have no doubt that your wedding is going to frakkin amazing.