Thursday, June 16, 2011

Updates. Sexy ones.

I am not one to apologize for blogger absence, but I will say that I have missed you all and I am hoping to get back into posting on Bowie Bride daily soon.  I am working on a bunch of new projects, and writing about weddings has unfortunately taken a backseat.  But have no fear, I am still here.  Just had to take a wee little hiatus :)

And just to show you how busy I have been, here is a host of updates!

1. Mike is a high school teacher so he and I attended Hamilton High School Prom as chaperones!  It was a magical night filled with cheesy decor and horny teenagers. I wore a vintage powder blue 1950s ball gown (that was only 30 bucks!) and Mike wore a suit we bought cheap in the Fashion District the weekend before.  I handmade the corsage and bout -- using my crafty wedding skills of course!  I went to the store and was about to buy pre-made ones, but then I realized I had all the supplies to make them at home by myself: lace, hot glue, pins, flower tape, wire, etc. It was SO easy. And only cost me 5 bucks total. Here are a few shots from the prom:
the bout I made
nursing a beer... BEFORE the prom ;)
The California Science Center. Pretty swank for a high school prom, eh?

And the best photo of all time... the professional shot:

2. I have been working on a new blog called "The Dainty Grenadier."  Basically it is Bowie Bride minus weddings plus more F-bombs and talk of private parts. I have only done a handful of posts and am very much in the beginning stages, so I wouldn't call this announcement a 'soft-launch' or even an announcement really.  I just wanted to put the link out there for anyone interested in seeing the new blog slowly develop.  I am working on a segment with my writing partner (you know her as Titfield Thunderbolt) in which I chose men off of her eHarmony profile for her to go on dates with.  And we write about it.  I think it will make for a great read.  So I'll be sure to let everyone know when The Dainty Grenadier goes wide.  Should be within the month.

3. I have a new portfolio site called "How Now Hollenbrau".  Read all about my experience in the Film/TV biz and see a few things I have worked on in the past.

4. My writing partner and I finished the first draft of our screenplay.  I really really badly want to share details with you all.  It's a movie that would be *right* up everyone's alley. Think Bridesmaids, but about dating. I will keep everyone up to date as this all develops.

5.  I threw a 60th birthday party for my Mom.  As a birthday gift, we took pro pictures with Sean Haeseler of The Long Haul Photo. The Long Haul Photo is a husband/wife team that shoots weddings and portraits.  The are LA-based, new and are mega talented.  I will do a whole post on their work soon (along with showing you the images from our family shoot!).  Here are a few teasers from that shoot:

I think that's enough updates for the time being.  How have you all been?


  1. Welcome back! And thank you for not apologizing :)

  2. I missed you! Love your prom photo and excited to hear about all the writing goings on.

    Great to have you back!

  3. I love it! And I love the pro pictures -- what a great idea!

  4. That family shoot is sooo goood. Missed you, Bowie Bride, and all your curse words and hijinks. xo.

  5. pretty sure most proms are pretty swank. just not the enormously ugly one that dobson put on for years.

  6. The prom photos are so cool! :) And the photoshoot, I'm sure you have had a lot of good times in there! :)