Wednesday, July 13, 2011

[Guest Post] Etsy Your Heart Out

Hello, lovers.  Happy Wednesday to you. Today I have a treat coming to you from Kait Hunter, founder of my favorite fashion blog Hunter Style.  Kait has impeccable taste and is a master at dishing the best fashion deals the Interweb has to offer.  If she lived in LA, I would ask her to be my stylist.  But since she is based in Chicago, I just stalk her blog.  Hourly.  Erm.  Daily.  But I'm her cousin, so technically that's not creepy, right?  I asked Kait to give us her picks for budget bridal fashion, and lucky for all of us, she came back with the motherload.  In today's post, Kait is showing us that actually buying a wedding gown on Etsy is actually a really awesome idea.  Sure it can be a scary prospect, but there are too many amazing deals to be had on too many amazing dresses.  Show us the loot, Kait!

Annie Wedding Gown, $950 find it here.

I'm so excited to be asked by Brit to guest for Bowie Bride. She conveys a mentality about the wedding process that we all need to appreciate - sarcasm! While I haven't been married myself (maybe one day?) I have plenty of friends who have taken the plunge and I've been privy to their tales of woe, especially regarding the wedding dress search. And while I'm always inspired by high fashion - isn't everyone.. On Hunter Style I try to find items that the normal girl can afford (or save up for in less than a lifetime) which is why I'm so excited to be asked by Brit to do a bridal post. There are some amazing resources out there now to find a dress but today I wanted to highlight just one site you may not have considered: Etsy.

To begin, the worst thing a bride can do is sabotage her image before even getting married. Unless you are Princess Poo Poo and live in TheWorldRevolvesAroundMe Land, then... well thank God you don't live there. We inhabit a pretty disgusting Bridezilla society right now and just because you enjoy watching psychotic women on T.V., doesn't mean you need to be one! Alright, just needed to clear the air. I like to start fresh with a good ol' verbal douching.

Modern brides can look to the old saying (with a new twist): Something old, something new, something Etsy and something blue. Well, something old is easily amazing vintage jewelry. Something new is always fun for your lingerie. You'll want to check my picks below for something Etsy and something blue will most definitely be your future husband's balls when he sees how much you spent on a wedding dress. Sticker shock anyone? Let's avoid that...

Weddings are expensive. That's no secret. Women used to be able to validate paying thousands of dollars for a wedding dress they will only wear once but the modern bride? Puuuhlease. She's a smart cookie that one. Not only is she going to scout down something unique and beautiful that won't max out her credit card, but I'm guessing she's going to wear this dress multiple times in her life after a good altering.

I'd like to open your eyes to a world you may not have considered yet for your dress. Etsy. I know, it's risky, but this is where you get creative. You spend less money on the dress and more money on the alterations (which will need to be done anyway). The end result is that you look amazing and everyone wonders how much money you must have dropped on that gorgeous gown. Blue balls be gone- your husband will thank his lucky stars to have found a woman as resourceful as you!

Check out my picks below and happy hunting!

Elegant Wedding Dress, $890 find it here.

 Spring Wedding Gown, $850 find it here.

Country Love Wedding Gown, $299 find it here.

Reese Wedding Gown, $599 find it here.

Vintage Inspired Lace Dress, $699 find it here.

Silk Taffeta Nad Lace Dress, $193 (yes you read that right) find it here.

Vera Wang Inspired Wedding Dress, $688 find it here.


  1. Fantastic post...great read!! Etsy is an all time favorite of mine and now wishing my $200 dress (seriously avoiding blue balls're welcome fiancé;) weren't already in the works!!:)

  2. Great collections of wedding dresses! And the cut will perfectly suit on every woman who wish to wear it.

  3. These are lovely suggestions. I purchased my wedding dress on Etsy. I'd like to make a suggestion though:

    These need to link to the seller's Etsy store and not just the dress. Once the dress is sold the link no longer works and interested parties have no way of knowing who to contact to see if one can be ordered.

  4. Fantastic post.I love the Annie wedding gown, maybe it look great if I wear because I am not too petite and not too fat.

  5. All of them are very nice and unique but the wedding dress made by Vera Wang is the dress that attracts me most.

  6. Gosh, these are so pretty. I love the one that resembles petals :)

  7. all the dresses are gorgeous... I love the red-hair bride. She looks amazing!!!

  8. OMG, this is so awesome, I LOVE the dress, the colours are just super..

    Love you,

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